The Corporate Special Event Network has developed five special theme event areas that they specialize in. The specialty event areas are as follows: Grand Openings and Product Launches, Harry Potter Theme Events, Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Events, West Coast Rain Forest Potlatch Feast Events and Christmas Holiday Parties
It should be noted that for the entire above specialty areas the Corporate Special Event Network has produced these events for corporate several times. To go to the detailed information bulletin for each of the following categories click on the following links to the left.

Each information bulletin will includes a link of edited digital videos and pictures from the events.

Some additional theme events that the Corporate Special Event Network specializes in doing are as follows: Margaretville, Mexican Fiesta, Moulin Rouge, Supper Club,

Hollywood, Christmas / Holiday Party’s and Summer Sizzle Corporate Barbeques. For more detailed information on these theme events contact the Corporate Special Event Network. (604) 929-3461



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